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Started as a web studio in 2012, WKND has been rebranded as a web design practice consisting of partners Shaun Paul Singh and Joei Huang.

We solve online presence problems for small to medium businesses

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Art, Design, Ideas and Development

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Shaun Paul Singh

Partner(Product + Creative)

Shaun started his career as a Junior Art Director at Flok before becoming Coordinator of Interactive Media at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. He is now Partner and Co-founder at WKND.

Shaun does Ideation, Design, Design Direction, Information Architecture and Interaction Design at WKND.


Joei Huang

Partner(Technology + Services)

Joei was Software Engineer at OgilvyOne Singapore before becoming Tech Lead at irisNation Singapore. He was Technical Director and Co-founder at Flok before co-founding WKND.

Joei does Technical Direction, Project Management, Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization at WKND.

Shaun Paul Singh

Joei Huang

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Our Blogs

The Art of Looking Sideways

General, Graphic Design

Another book that I absolutely have to recommend, The Art of Looking Sideways by Alan Fletcher. We sometimes say that the message is the medium, meaning, if your medium is a book, the book conveys a meaning, or a message that is inherent in the medium. The flipping, [Read more]

101 Theses on the Design of Digital Things

General, Interaction Design

I'm going through a period of intense study right now, trying to do 30 mocks in 30 days, doing the Interaction Design specialization on Coursera and basically gulping down whatever information I can get my hands on. I have Kindle Unlimited and I have come across this beauty of [Read more]

We are back


After a year's hiatus from being extremely overloaded, overworked, emotionally stretched, I am pleased to say that WKND will soon be back in business. We have decided to consolidate our business, as such, we will no longer offer backend/systems development services. Our services have been streamlined to Digital Marketing/SEO, Web/Interaction Design [Read more]

Why meaning is important in Design

Design, Interaction Design

When we laypeople think about Design, wonderful images of pretty beautiful posters that are well crafted enter their consciousness. While that is not untrue, Design is far from the creation of beauty, good Design is sometimes so invisible we do not even notice its presence. Design is, by nature, [Read more]

Easy Search Engine Tips

SEO, Digital Marketing

1. Get a Google Plus page. Google+ isn’t a very popular social network in comparison to Facebook – but that doesn’t matter. It has incredible SEO value – and for just one reason: When you connect your Google+ page to your website, your face is shown next to all of your [Read more]

How Art can inform Design

Art, Design

How is it that Art and Design, traditionally considered separate fields can actually intersect and inform one another? Art is Art, some say, meaning, if you don't get it, its GOOD Art. Design, being Design, fails when nobody gets it. So how is it that Art, being so fluffy and [Read more]