Deforestation for Planet Earth

The citizens of the world are now working together to face various global issues that threaten human survival. These global issues are of various kinds and are generally detrimental to mankind itself. Since this is a global problem, it cannot be solved by citizens of one country alone. It takes cooperation from various countries and citizens of the world, to overcome this global issue

War, hunger, gender equality, racial issues to climate change and the environment are some examples of global issues that are often debated and discussed in world forums. The leaders of the country discussed how to prevent these things from continuing, and have a bad impact on human survival. One of the global issues that is currently being discussed a lot and is of serious concern is deforestation, which occurs in various parts of the world.

Deforestation is the process of removing natural forest by cutting down all the plants or trees in the forest. The goal is to collect wood from the forest. In addition to deforestation also aims to change the function of forest land to non-forest functions, such as is used for agriculture or housing.


Forest, which its functions as a life support system, cannot be separated as a source of life for living things. Including humans who have for centuries used the forest as a source of their livelihood. Forest destruction can break the chain of life, and at times will bring disaster and loss. Forest destruction with all its biophysical components has indirectly contributed to increasing global warming.


Of course this makes deforestation have become one of the global issues, which is the concern of many people. Deforestation, which is generally caused by human greed, can have fatal consequences and damage the ecosystem of the planet Earth. Some of the dire effects of deforestation are:

  1. Deforestation will cause the content of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases to be higher or out of control. Which will certainly be dangerous to human health on earth
  2. Deforestation which causes forest destruction can trigger global warming to increase
  3. Loss of forest due to deforestation can also be interpreted as the loss of the original habitat of animals and plants. So that native forest animals and plants will be destroyed and not reproduce anymore.
  4. Forests are natural water storages that are beneficial for life. The loss of forests means the loss of natural water storage sources for the planet Earth
  5. Loss of forest will result in reduced evaporation of groundwater by trees. This condition results in a drier climate and weather, because the rainfall will decrease.
  6. Forests have a function to tie up water, so if deforestation occurs, it is feared that it will cause flooding and landslides

Several tropical and sub-tropical forests in various parts of the world are now under threat of deforestation. It is certainly very worrying and has become a global issue that cannot be ignored. No wonder then the discussion about how to replant the forest and make it beautiful again, is one of the things that are often discussed to prevent this deforestation.

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