Global Warming Is a Global

Global Warming Is A Global Issue We All Should Resolve

Global Warming Is a Global
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Global Warming Is A Global Issue We All Should Resolve. We might have learned about what global warming is in school and we have taken a test about this subject before. Global warmings is such an enormous issue that happens on earth. It affects animals, economy and agriculture sectors. However, the impact of it for human population is even more frightening. The topic about global warmings is often being talked in media and politics. Global warming impacts on humanity and environment are global and real. What is the cause of global warmings then? The fact is we humans are the main cause of these global problems and if we don’t do something serious to combat this issue, the effects that on human will be atrocious.

Here Are The Major Lists of Things That Causes Global Warming

  1. The Effects From Fossil Fuel

With the advancement of human technology and industry, we have created the wasteful aftermath for environment such as using fossil fuels that raises high carbon dioxide level to the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide level is a main cause of global warming and the appearance of greenhouse effect.

The demand for electricity needs has made the power plants use more coal burning materials that release huge amounts of carbon dioxide up in the earth atmosphere. Everyday more and more electric devices and gadgets fill up the market. As a result, we are very dependent on burning coal material to power up personal electrical devices.

  1. The Burning Gasoline Has Caused Major Effect on Global Warming

This has raised global issue worldwide. The demand for gasoline is so massive that it depends on fossil fuels at alarming rate. The human population has grown rapidly and with that growth, the demand for gasoline fueled transportations such as cars is only increasing the dependence on fossil fuels to be used as manufacturing and transportation. The lethal consumption of fossil fuels has outpacing the attempt to alleviate the effects.

  1. Deforestation is Killing Nature Attempt to Fight Global Warming

Humans unknowingly kill forests to harvest woods and create farms has caused the earth to be unable to fight global warmings. Forest helps fighting global warming by removing carbon dioxide as well as storing it from the atmosphere. However, the deforestation or cutting trees and forests releases huge quantity of carbon and consequently, heating the planet even more.

There are still other causes that contribute to global warmings and we need to take real change to address this global issue. The future of earth depends on us, human. We need to reduce the things that cause global heating on earth.

Here are the things we can do to help reduce and reverse global warmings. If all people use these things, the outcomes of global warmings can surely be reversed.

From now on you can reduce the use of plastic bags, papers, etc and replace it with minimal packaging in order to reduce waste. You can recycle paper, newspaper, plastic, situs judi poker into something usable.

You can also change the light bulb in your house to LED bulbs as the LED bulbs only use less energy and it last longer than traditional bulbs.

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