Stopping Global Warming

Global warming is actually a natural event. It is when greenhouse gases trap some energy causing the temperature to raise. However, it becomes dangerous when it keeps increasing. Global warming our earth experiencing today concerning. Our planet needs to be healed immediately. Global warming is not a very easy global issue to solve. It happens not only in your neighborhood but also in every places on earth. However, you can give your own contribution by taking simple action start from your own home.

Reduce Carbon Dioxide

Fighting against global warming and climate change is challenging but not impossible to do. Nations all around the world are doing their best to help stop global warming and climate change proactively. However, you should not underestimate your own contribution because it is still vital in making big difference to our earth. There are various things you can do to help stop our earth from suffering against global warming. One of the best things you can do is to help reduce carbon dioxide since it is one of the most significant enemies to our environment. Be more wise in energy consumption will help significantly.

reduce carbon dioxide
reduce carbon dioxide

Other things you can do include:

Help raise awareness of global warming as one of the biggest global issues to the people around you. You can talk to your families and friends about the importance of overcoming global warming and how to fight against it. Voicing your concern is simple but is significant. You can also share knowledge with your families and friends about good practices that can help reduce carbon emissions.

Implement good practices to help reduce carbon emission yourself. For example, you can do it choosing utility that is eco-friendly. You can support renewable sources including on your electricity usage. This is a contribution you can start from your own home.

never too late to stop global warming
never too late to stop global warming

Be more wise in using energy when playing at . Nobody wants to live in miserable condition such as extreme cold or heat. However, using heating or cooling utilities are not the solution because it causes another problem in energy consumption. Heating and cooling utilities are the biggest uses of energy. Thus, make sure to be choose more energy efficient space for your living. You can also invest in more energy efficient appliances. Keep in mind that energy efficiency in fact is the lowest-cost method to reduce emission. Always look for energy start label when you are purchasing appliances.

Save Water

Save water to help reduce carbon pollution. Using more water excessively only results in more pumping and heating which in turn wasting more energy. Thus, stop water over-consumption by taking short shower and turning off the tap when brushing your teeth. There are also water-efficient fixtures you can choose for your home.

There are other things you can do to help reduce emission and stop global warming such as choosing LED bulbs, driving fuel-efficient vehicle, and eating the food you buy instead of wasting it. Lots of people end up wasting the foods they buy. Meanwhile, wasting more food means more energy consumption which makes global warming even worse.

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