The Reasons Of Why Illegal

The Reasons Of Why Illegal Fishing Activities Are Important Global Issues

The Reasons Of Why Illegal

The Reasons Of Why Illegal Fishing Activities Are Important Global Issues. Fishing can be a fun activity to do, especially when done with the right tools, in the right places at, and with the right numbers of companions. However, some people have gone too far in fishing that their activities no longer become normal fishing activities.

Instead, those people are going to the activities we refer to as illegal fishing activities. Essentially, illegal fishing isn’t only the wrong ways to catch fishes, but also talking about using tools that can damage the ecosystems of where the fishes live, such as bombs and nets that can damage the fishes and nearby marine plants.

Illegal fishing activities are not only against the laws in many countries. This is also considered as an important global issue for numerous reasons. In this article, we’re going to let you know why is the illegal fishing becoming an important global issue.

Illegal Fishing

First, illegal fishing doesn’t only damage the fishes and the nearby marine plants. The impacts on the tools used are also damaging the entire ecosystems under the sea. The most evident examples are the bombs used for catching fishes that can make the sea’s waters poisonous.

At some points, the poisons in the water bodies can escalate to the air level. This happens mostly because the oxygen levels in the water bodies that have been poisoned by illegal fishing activities decrease. The increase in carbondioxyde levels will result in more poisonous air for humans’ health.

Thus, in relation to humans’ health, illegal fishing activities are often the leading causes of diseases related to internal organs such as lungs. This includes but not limited to lung cancers. The effects of illegal fishing activites to humans’ health are worsened by other harmful activities to the environment, such as smoking or adopting unhealthy lifestyles.

Unhealthy Lifestyles

Unfortunately, when the illegal fishing has been an acceptable culture in a country, people will start on adopting unhealthy lifestyles. Even illegal fishing activities themselves are unhealthy in their nature.

Given the many fishing equipment sold online and offline that don’t damage the fishes and the rest of the sea’s ecosystems, there should always be healthy alternatives to bombs and other damaging tools for fishing.

Illegal Fishing Activities

Instant ways are no excuse here. After all, many of the “healthy” fishing equipments and tools have been equipped with high-tech widgets. Such as the ability to integrate with wi-fi connections or other nearby devices. For many countries all over the world, sea is an integral part, not only for tourism purposes, but also for everyday’s life.

So, the illegal fishing activities won’t only make the sea landscapes less attractive to tourists, but also have potentials in diminishing the quality of fresh waters used by people to bathe, drink, and cook meals.

Global Issue

In other words, the illegal fishing becomes a global issue that should be put as an important issue. Not only because the illegal fishing damages the fishes and the marine plants. Or that because illegal fishing can make the sea less attractive.

The illegal fishing activities also have impacts on human beings’ healths, starting from the rarity of fresh water for everyday’s life.

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