Trigger Gender Discrimination Against Women

Here Are Some Factors That Trigger Gender Discrimination against Women

Trigger Gender Discrimination Against Women

Trigger Gender Discrimination Against Women, it is undeniable that the problem of gender inequality. Has become a global issue that is widely discussed in various world forums. Even though the times have become more modern, the fact is that gender discrimination, especially against women, still occurs everywhere, even in various parts of the world. Most women experience loss of physical, mental, property, economy, and education and even lose the right to life and their lives as a result of these gender inequality problems

The problem of gender inequality has become a global issue because it can be said that women in various parts of the world have not felt justice from various fields of life. This is unfortunate because the female population itself is actually much more than men. But in fact, it is women who are often oppressed and even suffer physical and mental harm due to the gender discrimination they experience.

Gender Inequality

Gender inequality is generally experienced by women, although it is possible for men to experience the same thing. Seen as weak and helpless creatures, women are often victims of gender discrimination in the fields of education, economy, politics and culture. Unequal power relations between men and women does not allow the creation of a world that is fair, tolerant and responsibilities carried together in a balanced-a world that is worthy to be occupied by human beings

4 Trigger Discrimination and Gender Inequality

Some gender inequality problems experienced by women such as slavery, human trafficking, underage marriage, sexual exploitation, migrant workers, domestic violence, sexual violence and many others. There are several factors that trigger discrimination and gender inequality against women, such as:

  1. There is a stigma that considers that women are under men. This makes men feel superior and treat women ill-mannered. Even in modern times like this, there are still many who think. That women should not be more than men in terms of education, livelihood and so on.
  2. Due to the construction of society’s thinking that prioritizes men over women; gender-based violence tends to be experienced more often by women. This kind of violence can take the form of physical, sexual or psychological suffering. Men often use violence as control and to maintain their power
  3. Most people in various parts of the world still adhere to Patrilineality culture. However, indirectly the Patrilineality culture that governs the lives of women has contributed significantly to gender discrimination. This culture assumes that women must obey the rules of men and must not fight or oppose. Women also cannot compete with men, and must follow their will
  4. The global community realizes that one form of gender discrimination occurs in the workplace. A form of discrimination that is still developing in the world. Community is the assumption that women doing men’s jobs are still considered weak; both physically and psychologically. Therefore they tend to be underestimated and even experienced harassment in the workplace.

In essence, men and women have the same right to live and enjoy prosperity. Because gender inequality has become a global issue, countries in the world are working together to overcome this. So that women can get their rights as whole human beings.

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